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We are going to use this page to collaborate on vocabulary study.

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Directions: Illustrate your vocabulary word using a picture originally drawn and scanned or drawn as a computer graphic using Paint or other graphics program; be sure the sentence fits your graphic, if not, write a new sentence.


Cynthia B. (25pts.) ML
Conflagration (n)-inferno, fire.
During the summer, when the weather is hot and dry, brushland in the Western United States is often beset by conflagrations.
James B. (25 pts.) ML
Decree (n)-proclamation, ruling, declaration; an official statement that something must happen.
The king issued a decree stating that his birthday would be a holiday.
Devarshi D. (25pts.) ML
Devoid (adj)-lacking, deficient, without. Antonym: plentiful (adj).
Amish homes are devoid of appliances because their faith forbids the use of electricity.
Alexus D.
Exhilarating (adj)-thrilling, elating. Antonym: boring (adj).
Sky diving is exhilarating.

Taylor D. (25pts.) ML
Fluctuation (n)-flux, variation; a state of varying irregularly; rise and fall. Antonym: stability (n).
The current fluctuations in the stock market cause people to lose or gain money.

Akeem E. (25pts.) ML
Follicle (n)-small hole present in skin; the best known are those though which hair grows, "hair follicles."
When people usually refer to the "hole in your head" they aren't talking about follicles, but in this case we are.
Courtni F. (25pts.) ML
Frigid (adj)-freezing, cold. Antonym: hot (adj).
The snow couple managed to keep from melting even while being away from their frigid environment.
external image a-printfection-christmas-frigid.jpg

Jazelle H. (25pts.) ML
Frustrating (v)-exasperating, vexing, annoying. Antonym: soothing (v).
Due to her constant frustration with her school work, Sarah's friends got her a Stress Reduction Kit as a joke. (And yet she still remains unconscious.)
Nijeria H.
Fusion (n)-synthesis; the blending or joining together as a whole.
Antonym: separation (n).

Fusion occurs, when two isotopes of hydrogen are forced together to form a Helium nucleus.

external image Fusion-reaction-Lrg.gif

Carley H. (25 pts.) ML
Ignite (v)-l. light, kindle. Antonym: extinguish (v).
He used a match to ignite the firewood.

Domonique J. (25 pts.) ML
Ignite (v)-2. to initiate an angry or controversial situation. Antonym: pacify (v).
Tensions were ignited when the protesters' petition was rejected by the city.

Lauren K. (25pts.) ML
Illusion (n)-delusion, chimera; false notion; figment of one's imagina­tion. Antonym: reality (n).
If no one can prove that we exist, I must assume I am an illusion.

external image imagination.jpg

Kevin K. (25 pts.) ML
Indefatigable (adj)-unrelenting, tireless, determined; never willing to admit defeat.
She is an indefatigable supporter of education reform and tirelessly lobbies the government.
The runners were indefatigable because they did not want to lose to the other runners.

Nia Lloyd (25 pts.) ML
Indisputable (adj)-unquestionable, certain. Antonym: disputable (adj).
It is indisputable that most things can be proven by science.
external image
external image

Dorian M. (25pts.) ML
Invigorating (adj)-revitalizing, energizing. Antonym: draining (adj).
After his run he took an invigorating swim in the lake.
Antonio M. (25 pts.) ML
Marquee (n)-canopy above an entrance; a shelter above a theater entrance.
When it began to rain, she ran for shelter under the theater marquee.
The passersby looked at the marquee with envy, for they weren't able to get tickets to the night's show.

Kelly M. (25 pts.) ML
Monotony (n)-repetitiveness, sameness. Antonym: variety (n).
There is monotony in the game Monopoly when you pass "Go" multiple times.

Andrew N. (25 pts.) ML
Perpetuate (v)-preserve, continue, maintain; make something last. Ant­onym: terminate (v).
The local preservation society is working to perpetuate the community'.s history.
North Carolina's Preservation Society of Chapel Hill

Daniel N. (25 pts.) ML
Perusing (v)-scrutinizing, examining; to read with care. Antonym: skim (v).
She spends her entire Sunday perusing the newspaper for interesting articles.
Brandon O. (25pts.) ML
Profusion (n)-overabundance, excess, surplus, many; large amount.
Antonym: dearth (n).
After accidentally clicking a pop-up, a profusion of them flooded my computer screen.
*sigh* A profusion of pop-ups.......this might take a while.

Rishab S. (25 pts.) ML
Propagate (v)-reproduce, spread. Antonym: confine (v).
Scientists working with endangered giant pandas are encouraging them to breed in order to propagate the species.
Alec Smith (25pts.) ML
Proximity (n)-nearness, closeness in relation, immediacy. Antonym: distance (n).
Because of its close proximity to the earth, the moon is able to change our tides.
Hanna T. (25 pts.) ML
Pursuing (v)-following, chasing; to go after something.
He's pursuing a career in acting so of course he moved to Hollywood.
Usain Bolt went to the 2008 Olympics pursuing a gold medal. He won.

Harrison Y. (25 pts.) ML
Raze (v)-level, bum, devastate, destroy; tear down. Antonym: build (v).
The conflagration razed the town.
Rectify (v)-repair, fix; to correct or resolve a problem.
The power plant's staff met to determine how they would rectify the blackout.
.Remedy (n)-cure, medicine.
The best remedy for a broken heart is to find solace in your friends.

Saturate (v)-soak, drench. Antonym: dry (v).
Coming in from a long jog, her uniform. was saturated with sweat.
Seclusion (n)-isolation, privacy, solitude. Antonym: company (n).
The actress went into seclusion to avoid the press.
Sedentary (adj)-inactive. Antonym: active (adj).
His doctor told him to modify his sedentary lifestyle by getting off of the couch and joining a gym.
Stimulating (adj)-inspiring; thought provoking. Antonym: dull (adj).
She found their conversation about the upcoming election stimulating.
Tundra (n)-rolling, treeless plain in the North American arctic and Siberia.
My parents went to Alaska to watch caribou roaming the tundra.
Ungainly (adj)-awkward, clumsy, ungraceful. Antonym: graceful (adj).
Penguins walk in an ungainly manner on land; however, they swim gracefully through the water.
Uniformity (n)-standardization, regularity, consistency. Antonym: irregu­larity (n).
Restaurant chains strive to maintain the uniformity of their food at all of their locations.
Union (n)-combination, amalgamation, merger. Antonym: separation (n).
At my aunt's wedding the justice of the peace asked, "Is there anyone who objects to this union?"
Vacillate (v)-waver, fluctuate. Antonym: decide (v).
They couldn't make up their minds and vacillated between getting a cat or a dog.
Wavering (v)-hesitating, faltering; inability to decide or focus. Ant­onym: deciding (v).
The mayor rebuked wavering council members for their hesitancy to support his position.