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Voc 2

(25 pts. ML)
Acquiesce (v)-assent; agree without protest. Antonym: protest (v), resist (v).
Despite his reservations, he knew he would have to acquiesce to his boss' demands.
The man's acquiesce and overachievement costed him greatly; his boss expected more work from him.

James (25 pts. ML)
Amorous (adj)-affectionate; related to love or romance. Antonym: hateful (adj).
The lovers amorously gazed at one another.
The two people stared amorously at each other.

Devarshi (25 pts. ML)
Aroma (n) - fragrant, pleasing scent. Antonym : stench (n)
The aroma on him as he walked in was pleasant and distracted her greatly from the lesson.

Courtni (25 pts. ML)
Conversely (adv)-opposite; contrary. Antonym: analogously (adv).
The UF football team has won a national championship recently; conversely, the FSU football team has not won a championship in 7 years.
The Gators continue to prevail over their rivals, the Seminoles

Jazelle (25 pts. ML)
Deleterious (adj)-harmful, damaging. Antonym: helpful (adj).
Smoking is deleterious to your health; you may develop lung cancer.

Nijeria (25 pts. ML)
Delirium (n)-confusion, disorientation. Antonym: clarity (n).
She was in a state of delirium after meeting her favorite movie star.
The man was at a state of delirium after looking at a post for directions.

The man was in a state of delirium after looking at a post for directions.
Carley (25 pts. ML)
Ecstasy (n)-rapture, joy, happiness. Antonym: despair (n).
The girl was ecstatic when she won the trip to Europe; she had always wanted to visit there.
The girl was ecstatic when she won the trip to Europe; she had always wanted to visit there.

Domonique (25 pts. ML)
Enamored (v)-smitten; in love with; also idiomatically used in reference to appreciation for an object. Antonym: repelled (v).
Enamored with the dress, she decided to buy it for the prom.
Enamored by the young girl, the boy in the back row continued to gaze at the back of her head.

Lauren (25 pts. ML)
Futile (adj)-useless, hopeless, pointless. Antonym: useful (adj).
Futile were the father's efforts to get through to his pig-headed son.
Futility at its finest.

Kevin (25 pts. ML)
Incantation (n)-chant; singing magic spells.
The witch's incantation made the water explode, putting people in shock and awe.

Nia (25 pts. ML)
Inevitably (adv)-certainly, unavoidably.
The dog faced an inevitable fate after steaing and eating the kitty cat's food.

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Dorian (25 pts. ML)
Infatuation (n)-fixation, obsession; an engrossing passion. Antonym: indifference (n).
The stalker was infatuated with the movie star.
This man has a severe infatuation with shoes.

Antonio (25 pts. ML)
Inimitably (adv)-uniquely, distinctly; not able to be imitated.
Inimitably, Snoop Dogg has a style all his own.
The uniqueness of Snoop's apparel is inimitably in a world of it's own.

Kelly (25 pts. ML)
Interminable (adj)-endless, incessant. Antonym: finite (adj).
The car ride from Mexico to Canada seemed interminable.
Andrew (25 pts. ML)
Intuit (v)-perceive, infer; know without logic.
I can usually intuit when someone is not telling me the truth.
(25 pts. ML)
Laboriously (adv)-painstakingly, tediously, gruelingly; demanding a great deal of work or care. Antonym: easily (adv).
The designer laboriously hand-stitched pearls onto the dress.

Daniel (25 pts. ML)
Proximity (n)-nearness; closeness in relation. Antonym: distance (n).
When driving, you need to judge the proximity of surrounding cars.
Brandon (25 pts. ML)
Reticence (n)-reluctance, unwillingness; silence. Antonym: willingness (n).
Despite her reticence, which resulted from her acrophobia, the little girl faced her inner resistance and forced herself onto the roller coaster.

As the coaster glides down its first dive, her reticence is shown as she frowns in fear and holds onto the bar tightly.

Rishab (25 pts. ML)
Senescent (adj)-aging; decaying over time. Antonym: youthful (adj).
The twelve-year-old dog was senescent.
Alec (25 pts. ML)
Shroud (n)-l. blanket, veil, cover; a draped material that envelops an object.
In some cultures, you must shroud your face from the general public.
Because of her religion, this woman must shroud her face from other men.

Hanna (25 pts. ML)
Shroud (v)-2. hide, cover; shield from view. Antonym: uncover (v).
The man shrouded his face with sunglasses and a hat, hoping that no one would recognize him.
george cloony.

Harrison (25 pts. ML)
Situation (n)-predicament; circumstances at a given moment; a state of affairs.
Prior to arresting the protester, the police officer assessed the situation.

Synchronously (adv)-simultaneously, concurrently. Antonym: sequen­tially (adv).
My favorite TV shows air synchronously, which forces me to miss one.

Tortuous (adj)-1. arduous, trying, difficult. Antonym: easy (adj).
Immigrants find that applying for a green card is a tortuous process.

Tranquility (n)-peacefulness; calm. Antonym: chaos (n).
The tranquility of the Adirondack mountains makes them a great place to spend the summer.