Tamer A.
Kalid A.
Vedant P.

Research Paper

Slide 1: In the Anglo-Saxon history they had two religions, Paganism and Christianity. Paganism was their original religion, but it was replaced by Christianity later on

Slide 2: Paganism was a very old religion. It was polytheistic religion. It also had a lot of belief in magic and witchcraft

Slide 3: They had many Gods, there are some of them. They believed praying to each God would result in the success of material thing; praying for the war God would make them successful in war.

Slide 4: They had some rituals, they sacrificed gifts, food, humans (prisoners of war, slaves, etc.) animals or anything that gave blood. One festival they celebrated was called Symbel. During Symbel, they feasted, gave speeches that usually were boastings of their greatness, and also they never sacrificed during Symbel.

Slide 5: Christianity was a monotheistic religion which was forced upon the Anglo-Saxons. The pope sent missionaries to convert the Anglo-Saxons (a.k.a. England). The pope had the Pagan temples destroyed and replaced with Christian Churches.

Slide 6: There were many changes due to the introduction of Christianity. It brought literacy to the Anglos-Saxons. The missionaries also were responsible for building schools. They also formed the bases for English, they wrote in old English