Voc 2

Directions: Add your word and entry into our wikispace; illustrate using a picture originally drawn and scanned or drawn as a computer graphic using Paint or other graphics program; if the sentence does not fit the graphic, write a sentence that will.

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Voc 2

Monique (25 pts. ML)
Acquiesce (v)-assent; agree without protest. Antonym: protest (v), resist (v).
Despite his reservations, he knew he would have to acquiesce to his boss' demands.
The worker knew that the only way to keep his job was to acquiesce to his boss' demands.

Madeline (25 pts. ML)
Amorous (adj)-affectionate; related to love or romance. Antonym: hateful (adj).
The lovers amorously gazed at one another.
David (25 pts. ML)
Aroma (n)-fragrant, pleasing scent. Antonym: stench (n).

The aroma of the refigerator rubbed off on the man's foot, this smell was pleasing to the cat and led it to trying to eat the foot.

Cedric (25 pts. ML)
Awkward (adj)-1. to be uncomfortable in a situation. Antonym: relaxed (adj).
It was awkward to see my best friend at the mall with my older brother.
It was akward for the woman to be fixing her car in the Grand Cayon.

Erik (25 pts. ML)
Awkward (adj)-2. clumsy; difficult to handle. Antonym: graceful (adj).
The yoga pose felt awkward to sit in for a long time.
The clown's giant shoes caused him to walk awkwardly.

Kaycie (25 pts. ML)
Consummate (adj)-archetypal, standard, picture-perfect.
A skilled cook and decorator, he is the consummate homemaker.

The little girl practices new recipes every day, becoming a consummate chef.

Geoffrey (25 pts. ML)
Conversely (adv)-opposite; contrary. Antonym: analogously (adv).
If he passes the final, he'll receive a B in algebra; conversely, if he fails the final, he'll receive a D.
If we were all as amazing as Lebron James, we could do the amazing things that he does; conversely, since we are all like Geoffrey Finn, we will never be able to do this... ever.
Rickey (25 pts. ML)
Deleterious (adj)-harmful, damaging. Antonym: helpful (adj).
Smoking is deleterious to your health.

The USC linebackers is deleterious towards quarterbacks as shown in the video.
Maya (25 pts. ML)
Delirium (n)-confusion, disorientation. Antonym: clarity (n).
She was in a state of delirium after meeting her favorite movie star.
external image crazy_blogger1.jpg
The girl was in a state of delirium after she was bombarded by newspapers.
Eric Godreau (25 pts. ML)
Ecstasy (n)-rapture, joy, happiness. Antonym: despair (n).
He was ecstatic when he won a trip to the Bahamas.

The child was left in a state of ecstasy when his parents bought him a Nintendo 64, a gift he desired for years.

Joshua Hong (25 pts. ML)
Enamored (v)-smitten; in love with; also idiomatically used in reference to appreciation for an object. Antonym: repelled (v).
Enamored with the dress, she decided to buy it for the prom.

These guys are enamored with Double Dragon.

Joshua Howell (25 pts. ML)
Futile (adj)-useless, hopeless, pointless. Antonym: useful (adj).
It would be futile to engage Superman in an arm wrestling contest. Unless you are Josh Howell

It was futile, the cell phone would never make enough popcorn to make an enjoyable snack.
Hailee Joiner
Incantation (n)-chant; singing magic spells.
The witch's incantation turned him into a toad.
With a quick incantation and the flick of his wand, the magician pulled a rabbit out of his hat!

Knija (25 pts. ML)
Inevitably (adv)-certainly, unavoidably.
It was inevitable that airlines would lose business after they raised airfares dramatically.
Infatuation (n)-fixation, obsession; an engrossing passion. Antonym: indifference (n).
The stalker was infatuated with the movie star.

Inimitably (adv)-uniquely, distinctly; not able to be imitated.
Inimitably, Snoop Dogg has a style all his own.

Interminable (adj)-endless, incessant. Antonym: finite (adj).
Although the lame movie was short, it seemed interminable to the audience.

Amba (25 pts. ML)
Intuit (v)-perceive, infer; know without logic.
I can usually intuit when someone is not telling me the truth.
Laboriously (adv)-painstakingly, tediously, gruelingly; demanding a great deal of work or care. Antonym: easily (adv).
The designer laboriously hand-stitched pearls onto the dress.

Ashley (25 pts. ML)
Proximity (n)-nearness; closeness in relation. Antonym: distance (n).
When driving, you need to judge the proximity of surrounding cars.
The proximity of the people of the party caused them to perfusively sweat.
The proximity of the people of the party caused them to perfusively sweat.

Jennifer (25 pts. ML)
Reticence (n)-reluctance, unwillingness; silence. Antonym: willingness (n).
Being very shy, she showed reticence to voice her opinion during the class discussion.
The boy showed reticence to obey his parents' advice about talking to strangers.

Zachery (25 pts. ML)
Senescent (adj)-aging; decaying over time. Antonym: youthful (adj).
The twelve-year-old dog was senescent.
The old man was unhappy because of his senescent state.

Taylor (25 pts. ML)
Shroud (n)-l. blanket, veil, cover; a draped material that envelops an object.
At the funeral the widow wore a shroud that veiled her face.
The man shrouded himself with the curtain because he had stage fright.
Zazzmin (25 pts. ML)
Shroud (v)-2. hide, cover; shield from view. Antonym: uncover (v).

The leaves are beginning to shroud the ground, which means fall is here.

Situation (n)-predicament; circumstances at a given moment; a state of affairs.
Prior to arresting the protester, the police officer assessed the situation.

Synchronously (adv)-simultaneously, concurrently. Antonym: sequen­tially (adv).
My favorite TV shows air synchronously, which forces me to miss one.

Teraney (25 pts. ML)
Tortuous (adj)-1. arduous, trying, difficult. Antonym: easy (adj).
The woman found listening to the noise tortuous.

Paul (25 pts. ML)
Tranquility (n)-peacefulness; calm. Antonym: chaos (n).
Resting in my bed brings a unique feeling of tranquility that I can not find anywhere else.
The leopard was in a state of tranquility after being drugged for this shot to be taken