Voc 2

Acquiesce (v)-assent; agree without protest. Antonym: protest (v), resist (v).
Despite his reservations, he knew he would have to acquiesce to his boss'demands.
Amorous (adj)-affectionate; related to love or romance. Antonym: hateful (adj).
The lovers amorously gazed at one another.
Aroma (n)-fragrant, pleasing scent. Antonym: stench (n).
The aroma of her perfume was sweet and exotic.
Awkward (adj)-1. to be uncomfortable in a situation. Antonym: relaxed (adj).
It was awkward to see my best friend at the mall with my older brother.
Awkward (adj)-2. clumsy; difficult to handle. Antonym: graceful (adj).
The clown's giant shoes caused him to walk awkwardly.
Consummate (adj)-archetypal, standard, picture-perfect.
A skilled cook and decorator, he is the consummate homemaker.
Conversely (adv)-opposite; contrary. Antonym: analogously (adv).
Ifhe passes the final, he'll receive a B in algebra; conversely, ifhefails the final, he'll receive a D.
Deleterious (adj)-harmful, damaging. Antonym: helpful (adj).
Smoking is deleterious to your health.
Delirium (n)-confusion, disorientation. Antonym: clarity (n).
She was in a state of delirium after meeting her favorite movie star.
Ecstasy (n)-rapture, joy, happiness. Antonym: despair (n).
He was ecstatic when he won a trip to the Bahamas.
Enamored (v)-smitten; in love with; also idiomatically used in reference to appreciation for an object. Antonym: repelled (v).
Enamored with the dress, she decided to buy it for the prom.
Futile (adj)-useless, hopeless, pointless. Antonym: useful (adj).
It would be futile to engage Superman in an arm wrestling contest.
Incantation (n)-chant; singing magic spells.
The witch's incantation turned him into a toad.
Inevitably (adv)-certainly, unavoidably.
It was inevitable that airlines would lose business after they raised airfares dramatically.
Infatuation (n)-fixation, obsession; an engrossing passion. Antonym: indifference (n).
The stalker was infatuated with the movie star.
Inimitably (adv)-uniquely, distinctly; not able to be imitated.
Inimitably, Snoop Dogg has a style all his own.
Interminable (adj)-endless, incessant. Antonym: finite (adj).
Although the lame movie was short, it seemed interminable to the audience.
Intuit (v)-perceive, infer; know without logic.
I can usually intuit when someone is not telling me the truth.
Laboriously (adv)-painstakingly, tediously, gruelingly; demanding a great deal of work or care. Antonym: easily (adv).
The designer laboriously hand-stitched pearls onto the dress.
Proximity (n)-nearness; closeness in relation. Antonym: distance (n).
When driving, you need to judge the proximity of surrounding cars.
Reticence (n)-reluctance, unwillingness; silence. Antonym: willingness (n).
Being very shy, she showed reticence to voice her opinion during the class discussion.
Senescent (adj)-aging; decaying over time. Antonym: youthful (adj).
The twelve-year-old dog was senescent.
Shroud (n)-l. blanket, veil, cover; a draped material that envelops an object.
At the funeral the widow wore a shroud that veiled her face.
Shroud (v)-2. hide, cover; shield from view. Antonym: uncover (v).
The leaves shrouded the driveway, making it difficult to see the garage.
Situation (n)-predicament; circumstances at a given moment; a state of affairs.
Prior to arresting the protester, the police officer assessed the situation.
Synchronously (adv)-simultaneously, concurrently. Antonym: sequen­tially (adv).
My favorite TV shows air synchronously, which forces me to miss one.
Tortuous (adj)-1. arduous, trying, difficult. Antonym: easy (adj).
Immigrants find that applying for a green card is a tortuous process.
Tranquility (n)-peacefulness; calm. Antonym: chaos (n).
The tranquility of the Adirondack mountains makes them a great place to spend the summer.