Voc 2

Directions: Add your word and entry into our wikispace; illustrate using a picture originally drawn and scanned or drawn as a computer graphic using Paint or other graphics program; if the sentence does not fit the graphic, write a sentence that will.

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Philline (25 pts. ML)
Acquiesce (v)-assent; agree without protest. Antonym: protest (v), resist (v).
Despite his reservations, he knew he would have to acquiesce to his boss' demands.
The worker was inclined to acquiesce to the man's demands though he wanted to do otherwise.

Michelle (25 pts. ML)
Amorous (adj)-affectionate; related to love or romance. Antonym: hateful (adj).
The lovers amorously gazed at one another.
They held each other amorously, forgetting about time.

Jiho (25 pts. ML)
Aroma (n)-fragrant, pleasing scent. Antonym: stench (n).
The aroma of her perfume was sweet and exotic.
The fragrant aroma attracted the orangutans to the roses; humans aren't the only ones who "stop and smell the roses."
Justin (25 pts. ML)
Awkward (adj)-1. to be uncomfortable in a situation. Antonym: relaxed (adj).
It was awkward to see my best friend at the mall with my older brother.
It was awkward seeing the man with three faces on his head at the glamour shot store. =D

Evelyn (25 pts. ML)
Awkward (adj)-2. clumsy; difficult to handle. Antonym: graceful (adj).
The clown's giant shoes caused him to walk awkwardly.
The doctor felt awkward when operating on the fat guy because of his head and body size.

Tiffany (25 pts. ML)
Consummate (adj)-archetypal, standard, picture-perfect.
A skilled cook and decorator, she is the consummate homemaker.
Taking her kids to both soccer practice and ballet lessons, she was a consummate stay at home mom.

Amber (25 pts. ML)
Conversely (adv)-opposite; contrary. Antonym: analogously (adv).
If he passes the final, he'll receive a B in algebra; conversely, if he fails the final, he'll receive a D.
If Jimmy passes his English exam, he would recieve an A in English; conversely, if he fails the exam he would recieve an F.
If Jimmy passes his English exam, he would recieve an A in English; conversely, if he fails the exam he would recieve an F.

Luis (25 pts. ML)
Deleterious (adj)-harmful, damaging. Antonym: helpful (adj).
The politicians constant smoking proved deleterious to the health of those around them.
is deleterious to your health.
The politicians constant smoking proved detrimental to the health of the citizens around them.

Karim (25 pts. ML)
Delirium (n)-confusion, disorientation. Antonym: clarity (n).
She was in a state of delirium after meeting her favorite movie star.
The artist was in a major state of delirium once he looked at the painting and did not notice what the painting was actually picturing.

Ecstasy (n)-rapture, joy, happiness. Antonym: despair (n).
He was ecstatic when he won a trip to the Bahamas.

Michelle (25 pts. ML)
Enamored (v)-smitten; in love with; also idiomatically used in reference to appreciation for an object. Antonym: repelled (v).
Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross are enamored with each other as shown through their duet.

Alyssa (25 pts. ML)
Futile (adj)-useless, hopeless, pointless. Antonym: useful (adj).
It would be futile to engage Superman in an arm wrestling contest.
The cat's attempt to get a sip of the beverage was futile.
The cat's attempt to get a sip of the beverage was futile.

Sharagaye (25 pts. ML)
Incantation (n)-chant; singing magic spells.
The witch's incantation turned him into a toad.

The boy’s incantation got him a Big Mac, from McDonalds.

Lashell (25 pts. ML)
Inevitably (adv)-certainly, unavoidably.
It was inevitable that airlines would lose business after they raised airfares dramatically.
It is inevitable that Obama will become president.

Dominic (25 pts. ML)
Infatuation (n)-fixation, obsession; an engrossing passion. Antonym: indifference (n).

Britney Spears was angered by the annoying infatuation the tabloids had with her.
Ajay (25 pts. ML)
Inimitably (adv)-uniquely, distinctly; not able to be imitated.
Inimitably, Snoop Dogg has a style all his own. snoop_dogg.GIF

Walter (25 pts. ML)
Interminable (adj)-endless, incessant. Antonym: finite (adj).
Although the lame movie was short, it seemed interminable to the audience.
King Kong seemed like an interminable movie, the audience thought it was never going to end.

Haley (25 pts. ML)
Intuit (v)-perceive, infer; know without logic.
I can usually intuit when someone is not telling me the truth.
Scientists sometimes intuit the truth of a theory before they are able to prove it.

Crystal (25 pts. ML)
Laboriously (adv)-painstakingly, tediously, gruelingly; demanding a great deal of work or care. Antonym: easily (adv).
The dog chased the cat laboriously around the yard, yet his efforts did not pay off.

Proximity (n)-nearness; closeness in relation. Antonym: distance (n).
Many people wreck their cars because they are ignorant of the proximity of other cars.
Reticence (n)-reluctance, unwillingness; silence. Antonym: willingness (n).
Being very shy, she showed reticence to voice her opinion during the class discussion.
external image Gameboard.jpg
The last player to roll the dice showed reticence because he was worried he would roll too large of a number.

Alexis (25 pts. ML)
Senescent (adj)-aging; decaying over time. Antonym: youthful (adj).
The twelve-year-old dog was senescent.
The 93- year-old grandma was senescent, but that didnt stop her from attempting
to crank that Soulja Boy.

Shroud (n)-l. blanket, veil, cover; a draped material that envelops an object.
At the funeral the widow wore a shroud that veiled her face.

Zachary (25 pts. ML)
Shroud (v)-2. hide, cover; shield from view. Antonym: uncover (v).
The leaves shrouded the driveway, making it difficult to see the garage.
This mummy is covered and hidden in a shroud of cloth for preservation.

Jasper (25 pts. ML)
Situation (n)-predicament; circumstances at a given moment; a state of affairs.
Prior to arresting the protester, the police officer assessed the situation.

Synchronously (adv)-simultaneously, concurrently. Antonym: sequen­tially (adv).
My favorite TV shows air synchronously, which forces me to miss one.

Tortuous (adj)-1. arduous, trying, difficult. Antonym: easy (adj).
Immigrants find that applying for a green card is a tortuous process.

Tranquility (n)-peacefulness; calm. Antonym: chaos (n).
The tranquility of the Adirondack mountains makes them a great place to spend the summer.