Voc 2

Directions: Add your word and entry into our wikispace; illustrate using a picture originally drawn and scanned or drawn as a computer graphic using Paint or other graphics program; if the sentence does not fit the graphic, write a sentence that will.

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Lauren (25 pts. ML)
Acquiesce (v)-assent; agree without protest. Antonym: protest (v), resist (v).
Despite his reservations, he knew he would have to acquiesce to his boss' demands.
The boy knew he would have to acquiesce to his teacher's orders.

Amorous (adj)-affectionate; related to love or romance. Antonym: hateful (adj).
The lovers amorously gazed at one another.

The kitten snuggled amorously under the dog's ear.

Tamara (25 pts. ML)
Aroma (n)-fragrant, pleasing scent. Antonym: stench (n).
The aroma of her perfume was sweet and exotic.

This perfume ad is to persuade women to buy an aroma that smells of an old and stinky middle-aged man! =]

Bruce (25 pts. ML)
Awkward (adj)-1. to be uncomfortable in a situation. Antonym: relaxed (adj).
Tony Romo looked very awkward when fumbling the football in last year's playoffs.
Too bad that he got T.O mad.

Courtney (25 pts. ML)
Awkward (adj)-2. clumsy; difficult to handle. Antonym: graceful (adj).
The clown's giant shoes caused him to walk awkwardly.

Fumbling over his words, the boy awkwardly tries to ask the girl to marry him.
Anis (25 pts. ML)
Consummate (adj)-archetypal, standard, picture-perfect.
On the verge of completing a perfect 19 game season last year, the New England Patriots are the most consummate team in the NFL.
Jacob (25 pts. ML)
Conversely (adv)-opposite; contrary. Antonym: analogously (adv).
If Lance Armstrong trains for the Tour de France with great effort then he will probably finish in the top five; conversely, if Lance does not train than he is likely to be one of last competitors to finish.
I hope he wins in the next Tour de France!!!

Xzavier (25 pts. ML)
Deleterious (adj)-harmful, damaging. Antonym: helpful (adj).
The man did a deleterious helmet to helmet hit.
Amber (25 pts. ML)
Delirium (n)-confusion, disorientation. Antonym: clarity (n).
She was in a state of delirium after meeting her favorite movie star.
The tourist was in a delirium after follwing the wrong map.

Kylie (25 pts. ML)
Ecstasy (n)-rapture, joy, happiness. Antonym: despair (n).
He was ecstatic when he won a trip to the Bahamas.
He was ecstatic when he won the computer game.

Christine (25 pts. ML)
Enamored (v)-smitten; in love with; also idiomatically used in reference to appreciation for an object. Antonym: repelled (v).
Enamored with the dress, she decided to buy it for the prom.
The mole was enamored with the carrot.

Mary (25 pts. ML)
Futile (adj)-useless, hopeless, pointless. Antonym: useful (adj).
It would be futile to engage Superman in an arm wrestling contest.
The cat's efforts to drink the apple juice were futile since the cat's head was too big for the cup.

Calvin (25 pts. ML)
Incantation (n)-chant; singing magic spells.
The chanter's incantation made an powerful effect on his life.

Inevitably (adv)-certainly, unavoidably.
It was inevitable that airlines would lose business after they raised airfares dramatically.
Savannah, please choose a more appropriate graphic. M. Lewis

Ja'nice (25 pts. ML)
Infatuation (n)-fixation, obsession; an engrossing passion. Antonym: indifference (n).
The stalker was infatuated with the movie star.
The girl had an infatuation with her neighbor ,so she couldn't stop watching him.
the girl was watching her neighbor

Meagan (25 pts. ML)
Inimitably (adv)-uniquely, distinctly; not able to be imitated.
Inimitably, Snoop Dogg has a style all his own.
Interminable (adj)-endless, incessant. Antonym: finite (adj).
Although the lame movie was short, it seemed interminable to the audience.

Breonna (25 pts. ML)
Intuit (v)-perceive, infer; know without logic.
I can usually intuit when someone is not telling me the truth.

Laura (25 pts. ML)
Laboriously (adv)-painstakingly, tediously, gruelingly; demanding a great deal of work or care. Antonym: easily (adv).
The girl laboriously painted her egg like a chicken, oh the irony.

Proximity (n)-nearness; closeness in relation. Antonym: distance (n).
When driving, you need to judge the proximity of surrounding cars.

Reticence (n)-reluctance, unwillingness; silence. Antonym: willingness (n).
Being very shy, she showed reticence to voice her opinion during the class discussion.

Victor (25 pts. ML)
Senescent (adj)-aging; decaying over time. Antonym: youthful (adj).
The senescent John Mccain is running for president.

Shroud (n)-l. blanket, veil, cover; a draped material that envelops an object.
At the funeral the widow wore a shroud that veiled her face.

Adam (25 pts. ML)
Shroud (v)-2. hide, cover; shield from view. Antonym: uncover (v).
The clouds shroud venus and give it an astonishing appearance.
Shivani (25 pts. ML)
Situation (n)-predicament; circumstances at a given moment; a state of affairs.
Prior to arresting the protester, the police officer assessed the situation.

Some situations are worst than others, especially when on national TV.

Synchronously (adv)-simultaneously, concurrently. Antonym: sequen­tially (adv).
The swimmers moved synchronously with each other as they performed their act in the Olympics.
external image Img214070809.jpg

(25 pts. ML)
Tortuous (adj)-1. arduous, trying, difficult. Antonym: easy (adj).
Immigrants find that applying for a green card is a tortuous process.
The maze was tortuous to navigate.
Tranquility (n)-peacefulness; calm. Antonym: chaos (n).
The tranquility of the Adirondack mountains makes them a great place to spend the summer.