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(v)-overwhelm, inundate, trouble, harass, surround.
The refugees were beset by one catastrophe after another.
Ashley R
Cavort (v)-jump, horse around, roughhousing; move around in a playful and/or noisy way. Antonym: curtail (v). Wrestling and tackling each other, the children cavorted on the lawn.

Mirza Duzel
Clout (n)-political power; social or financial influence or importance.
The chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee has enormous clout.
Adolph Hitler had a lot of cout during the WWII

Adolph Hitler had a lot of clout, during the WWII
Context (n)-circumstances; details surrounding a subject.
On the news her quote seemed harsh; her remark was actually benign, but it had been taken out of context.
Monique Bautista
(n)--dedication, support, commitment. Antonym: indifference (n).
The volunteer's devotion to helping the homeless is inspiring.
external image martin-luther-king2.jpg
Martin Luther King Jr.'s devotion to gaining civil rights serves as an inspiring story for the rest of us.

Distraction (n)-disturbance, diversion, interruption. Antonym: focus (n).
Listening to music while I work is a distraction.

David Berlin
Eternity (n)-infinity, perpetuity, forever; time without end.
When the seniors ordered the super stretch limousine for prom, they knew it was going to be long but it seemed to go on for eternity.
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Fete (n)-party, celebration, carnival. .
The student union is throwing a fete for the freshmen.
Joshua Hong
(v)-worry; to be annoyed or anxious. Antonym: relax (v).
Don't fret, I think your quite super!

He spent the day fretting about the argument he had with his boss.

Frolic (v)-play; to behave in a happy or playful manner. Antonym: grieve (v).

The puppies frolicked in the grass.
puppies in grass

Gambol (v)-bound, leap, romp. Antonym: crawl (v).
The dancers gamboled across the stage.
Grasp (v)-l. understand, comprehend. Antonym: misunderstand (v).
The students had a good grasp of some rather difficult material.
Erik Corrigan Grasp (v)-2. grab, seize. Antonym: release (v).
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The student grapsed his pen and started to write his essay.
Abscond (v)-escape, leave; depart secretly.
They didn't want their wedding to turn into the circus that their parents were planning, so they absconded to Las Vegas to elope.

Samantha Norman
(v)-stroll, wander, mosey. Antonym: run (v).
I ambled down the city streets, stopping now and then to window shop.

Instead of sprinting down the court he just ambled his way down.
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Antiquity (n)-ancient times, or a relic of ancient times; old age.
Rome, Italy not only dates to antiquity, but it is also filled with antiquities.
Appraise (v)-evaluate, price, assess, assay.
She brought her ring to the jeweler to be appraised.
Beatific (adj)-good, innocent, virtuous. Antonym: sinister (adj).
Mother Theresa led a beatific life caring for the impoverished.
Cacophony (n)-noise, din. Antonym: silence (n).
While we were camping, the cacophony of crickets chirping kept us awake.
Captivating (adj)-entrancing, charming, enthralling. Antonym: repel­lent (adj).
He found the ancient city captivating.
Conception (n)-I. beginning, outset. Antonym: conclusion (n).
From its conception, all of us recognized that the idea was a stroke of gemus.
Conception (n)-2. idea, notion.
Late again, it was obvious that she had no conception of time.
Confound (v)-confuse, puzzle, perplex, baffle. Antonym: clarify (v).
The directions confounded him, so he was unable to use the DVD player.
Dissuade (v)-deter, discourage. Antonym: encourage (v).
Her boss tried to dissuade her from quitting.
(adj)-overjoyed, euphoric, delighted. Antonym: despondent (adj).
She was elated when she found out that she had received a large raise.
(v)-leave, commence; begin a journey or some undertaking; board a boat or airplane.
A frequent literary theme involves characters embarking upon on a journey for one reason or another.
Endure (v )-1. persist; exist for an extended period of time.
Great classical compositions have endured the test of time.
Endure (v)-2. to bear; tolerate.
She said that she couldn't endure another moment of his lunacy, and then she left him.
Enigmatic (adj)-mysterious, inscrutable; difficult to understand.
Never an easy person to categorize, I always regarded him as enig­matic.
Ephemeral (adj)-short-lived; fleeting, brief.
After saving the baby from the fire, he had his" I 5 minutes of fame, " but he knew that all of the attention would be ephemeral.
Erroneously (adv)-incorrectly, mistakenly.
The New York Post erroneously reported that Dick Gephardt was the Democratic vice presidential candidate in the 2004 presidential election.

Flagrantly (adv)-conspicuously, blatantly, brazenly. Antonym: mod­estly (adv).
He strode down the hall, flagrantly flashing his new gold bracelet.
(n)-fog, mist; anything airborne that inhibits one's ability to see.
After the brushfire was extinguished, a smoky haze lingered in the air for days.
Impart (v)-tell, grant, reveal, communicate; pass on information.
I enjoy being a mentor and imparting knowledge to other people.
Akeem Edwards
(v)-interested, curious. Antonym: disinterested (v).
He was intrigued by their suggestion that they might buy his company.

After seeing her first three pictures the boy was intrigued to know how many bathing suits she had.
Licentious (adD-immoral, lewd, unrestrained. Antonym: modest (adj).
The bouncer kicked him out of the club because of his licentious behavior.
Linger (v)-loiter, persist, hang around.
The cataclysmic events of 9/11 will linger in the minds of Americans forever.
Modesty (n)-reserve, humility, discretion. Antonym: arrogance (n).
She contributes to many charities, but her modesty precludes her from discussing it.
Novelty (n)-newness, uniqueness.
Once the novelty of their new toy wore off, the children lost interest in it.
Geoffrey Charles Finn III Prince of Finland.

Odyssey (n)-a long, eventful journey.
The novel I'm reading follows an adopted woman's odyssey to find her biological parents.
external image harold-and-kumar_11.jpg
Harold and Kumar went on an Odyssey to White Castle to get some food because they had the munchies.
Perceive (v)-discern, recognize, notice. Antonym: ignore (v).
Catching a glimpse of the blue car in his rearview mirror again, he perceived that he was being followed.
Profusion (n)-overabundance, surplus, excess, many; large number or amount. Antonym: dearth (n).
The television station received a profusion of calls about the anchor­person's inflammatory remarks.
Prolong (v)-extend, lengthen; draw out; usually associated with time.
Antonym: curtail (v).

We enjoyed our trip to Madrid so much that we decided to prolong our stay for three more days.
Sojourn (n)-visit; temporary stay.
Unfortunately, since I was on my way to London for business, my sojourn in Paris was quite brief
Solemnly (adv)-seriously, gravely. Antonym: merrily (adv).
The news anchorperson solemnly described the events that led to the tragic fire.
Survey (v)-review, analyze.
Flying over the remains of the smoldering brushfire, the ranger sur­veyed the damage to the forest.
Vague (adj)-unclear, indistinct. Antonym: clear (adj).
I have a vague memory of the cousins who I met six years ago.
Impression (n)-I. perception, feeling, reaction.
He tried to make a good impression on his girlfriend's mom.
Impression (n)-2. indent, imprint.
She used her thumb to make an impression in the cookie dough.
Indiscretion (n)-carelessness, tactlessness; lack of tact or judgment.
Antonym: discretion (n).

The CIA agent who leaked details to the media was fired for his indiscretion.
Amba N.
Induce (v)-persuade, cause; compel using pressure. Antonym: prevent (v).
Jessica says that Ashlee may have to induce her labor because it's developing quickly
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Resolve (v)-l. solve, decide.
Working together, we can resolve the problem.
Resolve (n)-2. determination, tenacity.
Full of resolve, the stranded mountaineers attempted the treacherous descent.
Rig (v)-fix, arrange, prepare, manipulate.
The competition was rigged by the judges.
Sublime (adj)-awe-inspiring, moving, transcendent, perfect. Antonym: uninspiring (adj).
More than one wine critic has described a favorite vintage as being sublime.
Symbiotic (adj)-describes a mutually beneficial, interdependent relation­ship. Antonym: parasitic (adj).
In an illustration of the peifect symbiotic relationship, hippos rely on birds to eat flies that would otherwise bite them, and the birds rely on hippos to attract flies, their primary source of food.