Upside Down 1A 2A 1B 2B 4B
Challenge Board Quia Game ****

I'll start where I remember l it was dark and I was driving I In my PERIPHERAL a GLIMMER I Of headlights on my right side I DISCONCERTING all my insides I An IMPACT on me broadside I And it now seems I RESIDE I Upside down I GAZING up to see the ground I Upside down I Everything INVERTED all around I CHAOS has INCONTROVERTIBLY set in I And my luck has gone SATURNINE on me again I I INCURRED quite a tossing I Overcome by INCREDULITY lit took some time after that JOSTLING I To regain EQUANIMITY I After this CALAMITY I OCCURRING with such CELERITY I A DEVIANT reality I Upside down I GAZING up to see the ground I Upside down I Everything INVERTED all around I CHAOS has INCONTROVERTIBLY set in I And my luck has gone SATURNINE on me again I Despite all of the drama II was THAUMATURGICAL Y UNSCATHED I Looking up. now there's a PANORAMA I Of RESPLENDENT CONSTELLATIONS I Shining down upon the nations I I have DEFIED TREPIDATION I And come out with JUBILATION I Cuz I'm no longer I Upside down I GAZING up to see the ground I Upside down I Everything INVERTED all around I Upside down I Upside down

Calamity (n)-disaster, catastrophe, tragedy; event that causes suffering. The local farmers fear a calamity if the river rises above its banks.
Celerity (n)-swiftness or speed of an action. Jets travel with great celerity, especially when compared to prop-driven aircraft.
Chaos (n)-confusion; disorder. Antonym: order (n). The guests couldn't get into the party, the staff was running around trying to find a manager, the DJ didn't show up; it was complete chaos.
Constellation (n)-assemblage; groups of stars that form patterns and have been given names. In our astronomy class, we studied the constellation the Big Dipper.
Defy (v)-resist, disregard, challenge; refuse to obey. I would love to fly like a bird and defy gravity.
Deviant (adj)-abnormal; differing from the norm or from socially accepted standards of behavior. Antonym: normal (adj).
What constitutes deviant behavior varies among cultures. For example, here in the United States, it is illegal to marry a relative, whereas in some societies, it is acceptable.
Disconcerting (adj)-disturbing, upsetting, embarrassing. Antonym: com­forting (adj). She has a disconcerting habit of going back on her word.
Equanimity (n)-composure; the state of being calm, even-tempered, level-headed. She remained calm and maintained her equanimity when she heard of her husband's accident.
Gaze (v)-stare; to look at something intently. He enjoys gazing out the window at the city below.
Glimmer (v)-shine, gleam, reflect. Her car glimmered in the sun after she waxed and polished it.
Impact (n)-1. crash, collision.
The meteor's impact created a huge crater in the desert.
Impact (n)-2. influence, impression, effect. She was a very active volunteer who made a great impact on her community.
Incontrovertibly (adv)-indisputably, unquestionably. Antonym: disput­ably (adv). The video playback incontrovertibly shows that she fouled me.
Incredulity (n)-disbelief, skepticism; not able or wanting to believe something. Antonym: conviction (n). She fought the call and was incredulous, even though the evidence of the foul was on the video playback.
Incur (v)-to bring upon oneself; to sustain an unpleasant outcome; to suffer. His dad made some stock picks that didn't work out and he incurred huge losses.
Invert (v)-to turn upside down; to reverse the order of two things. Antonym: righted (v).
At the air show, I watched a stunt plane fly inverted and hoped the pilot's parachute was in working order!
Jostling (v)-shoving, bumping, pushing. Antonym: coddling (v). With her fans jostling herfrom every direction, it was hard for the singer to exit the arena.
Jubilation (n)-rejoicing, celebration; an expression of joy. Antonym: sadness (n). There was jubilation in the crowd when their team won the champion­ship.
Occurring (v)-transpiring; happening. The movie we saw last night was about a deli clerk who traveled back in time to prevent a calamity from occurring.
Panorama (n)-vista; an unbroken view of a large area. You can see the panorama of the entire city from the Empire State Building's observation deck.
Peripheral (adj)-tangential, outer, marginal; at the edge. Antonym: central (adj). During our debate he made points that weren't central to the issue; rather, they were only peripherally related.
Reside (v)-to inhabit; to exist in; to live in a given location. I plan to study abroad and I'd like to reside in London.
Resplendent (adj)-dazzling, stunning, glorious, brilliant. Antonym: dull (adj). The vintage aircraft's mirror-polished fuselage was resplendent in the bright sunlight.
Saturnine (adj)-melancholy, gloomy, sullen, glum. She was saturnine over the loss of her grandmother.
Thaumaturgicaly (adv)-magically, miraculously, supernaturally. In a story I read, a knight recited an incantation and thaumaturgicaly defeated the dragon.
Trepidation (n)-fear, anxiety, apprehension. Antonym: confidence (n). Hoping to be accepted with early decision, he opened the envelope from Princeton with trepidation.
Unscathed (adj)-unharmed, intact; without injury or damage. Antonym: damaged (adj). Astonishingly, she escaped the car accident unscathed.