True Love Patrick Huovinen

I do hear all of these songs sung to me,
and as these songs whisper in my ear I
think of you and then that soft melody.
but a tear rolls down my cheek from my eye.
Seeing you but once in eight lonely years.
I walk around a happy face painted.
its not because you have deep seeded fears.
Or that this true love is unacquainted
Its that I no longer live with you but,
instead must live in a far away land.
Dreaming only of you my eyes so tight shut.
Hearing our anthem again by that band.
you so far away a true love of me.
A place I truly love, my country.
Does Love Sleep?
Brianna Hixon

Does love sleep? Does it wait for the right time,
To deem one, the victim of its arrows?
Peirce through lonely hearts, put them in their prime,
And leave them with permanent smiles that glow.
The hopes and dreams of one feeling unloved,
Cannot be made into reality.
They’re believed to be in the hands of those
Who have seen love become a fatality.
Does love sleep? Does it think before it strikes?
Will it wait for us to prepare our hearts
For whatever may be? Or are there spikes
That wait to prick like silent, creeping darts?
Loves a fifty-fifty chance, you win or
You lose, but you never know what’s in store.
Sonnet Foshizzle Tatum Jordan-Madden

About those things we do not wish to share
Like truest feelings and our sincere thoughts
You try so hard and use the utmost care
To hide thoughts that you know and they do not.
The word is “frank” or others call it rude.
The first is good the latter one is not
To say the thing you say is surely crude
But what you said is simply what you thought.
Careful what you say to those around you
People would rather hear what is not true
Because polite usually is not
If ever your thoughts you should have to voice
Saying what's wrong might be the most right choice.
Andrew Alyssa Lloyd
My older brother is named Andrew,
Graduated class of two thousand nine.
Memories of Andrew I do run through;
He’s so smart he’ll be the new Einstein!
Andrew is a one-of-a-kind fella.
He goes to college for a degree at
University of Alabama.
He is in the ROTC so that
He will be an aerospace engineer,
And he will go in the U.S. Air Force;
I’ll only see him a few times a year.
I already miss him badly of course.
Every day to him, a message I’ll send:
“Andrew, I love ya and you’re my best friend!”
Death Do Us Part Daniel Josol
On my last day, my soul feels like dead ice,
As if my body is covered by blood snow.
O, the wound I received came with a price,
And in the dead air, I see a faint glow.
My heart still beats for you like a fire,
Burning inside me, with passionate love.
I think of your face, wearing golden wires,
As the angels weep for me from above.
I feel my soul lifting, by the open air,
Feeling ready, to be welcomed to the gate.
For in the afterlife I shall prepare,
And up in heaven, for you I shall wait.
I cannot say your name ever again
For my soul will rise high, but until then…
Sonnet on Hope Forrest Parker

Without it I can not function at all.
It is needed to push through life’s hard times.
Deprived of it certainly will I fall.
Its lack is why people commit their crimes.
It has been stolen from the innocent.
The rich and famous without it will grope.
For dreamers of tomorrow it is meant.
This better future is something called hope.
While crestfallen may now be filled with strife,
From all the loads and burdens they carry,
They look forwards towards a better life,
And are not depressed but rather merry.
Those in the moment wont quite understand,
What rich a future these people have planned.

The Rotting Tree Michael Dimmit
You are wood rotting in my memory
I want not see deteriorate
When I think of you I see Emery
Which piles up with no obviate

I will have no aloe to make repair
The tree that had grown so fragrant
Has vehemently tormented me there
Leaving me moving to find cure, vagrant

But in my search I found a new bush seed
By which I found beloved inner peace
So that I may remember the, indeed
Therefore allowing me a release

I find your image re emerge in words
And, person I, can see, stoic birds.
Sonnet: MMA Louis Delfin
MMA defines a true warrior.
All fighters must have the heart to win wars.
Determination is key to winning.
Virtue is having honor in battle.
Being passionate about war is key.
Glory is a special reward for wins.
Warriors get praised after winning battles.
But the true reward is the happy feelings.
But, you gain these feelings by training hard.
Training gives strength for the later hardships.
Training gives endurance for the long battles.
Training allows the warrior to win.
Winning cannot be everything for him.
Trying your best and exceeding it, is.

The Gift
Shannon Thomas
Everyone lives one, day by day,
Some praise it as a special gift to be treated with care,
Others act as it’s a bear to keep, its sad to say,
Many even believe that it should be fair.
It can be very different at times,
Sometimes it can be hard like rain,
And other days it an be as easy as these simple rhymes,
But either way it will bring lots of joy and pain.
But, any way a person wishes to perceive,
It should be treated with tenderness and delight,
It is a most precious gift to receive,
And one day it will end, so love it with all your might.
Live it to the fullest until it cannot be lived any more,
For when it’s over you will be blessed to knock on God’s door.
Sonnet-The Holidays Camelia Thompson
The holidays is a time for family
And we get into the spirit of giving.
Together the children play happily
And we tend to be more forgiving.

For dinner there is a variety of food
Like chicken, macaroni, and dressing.
This plus dessert puts me in a great mood.
Before we can indulge, we say a blessing.

But the day goes by fast as you are having fun.
You watch movies or bake tasty desserts
Or you might prefer to go for a run.
Be back in time though for the small concerts.

As the holidays are coming to an end,
We say good-bye to everyone who had attend.
Look what you did.. Tina Tran

Day after day he continued to lie
Stabbed her in the back threw her life off track
She couldn’t help but to break down and cry
She eased the pain smoking it by the pack
She drank till she lay staring at the roof
She doesn’t realize how much is at stake
Stupid things that made her look like a goof
A life lesson rather than a mistake
Showed no emotions towards any other
Kept her heart locked up and put it aside
Guys think they’re slick one after another
She is now focused the memories died
He had made this girl who she is today
A stronger person not filled with dismay

Sonnet-A World We Don’t Know
Tamer Abusawwa
The world I see is dishonest, unfair;
It is the same with vassals and masters;
There is no bond of respect, love or care;
One cheats the other, heartlessly faster.

Who cares about the work that stays undone?
The conscience is locked within a shelf;
Who cares about the chaos under sun?
And people hurry for quick wealth and pelf.

Who cares about the victims who suffer?
The student, patient, customer and child;
The bureaucrats have emptied each coffer;
Influences and bribes are rampantly wild.

How can a society ever thus thrive?
When easy money is the only drive.

Go Jaguars!!! Gregory Blum
Everybody is excited for the game
The buses of the teams are almost here
It is now time for the Colts to be tamed
The kickoff is here and you can hear the cheers
They know the Jaguars are going to win
Because of Maurice Drew and his running
And David Garrad passes with a grin
This means that the game is very stunning
But now I feel the start of cooling rain
Peyton collapses due to bad water
The defense made him show signs of pain
This is turning out to be a slaughter
The victorious Jags had too much skill
Tonight the bad Colts took a stumbling spill
The Jacksonville Jaguars Sonnet Darryn Givens
Have you heard of my team known as the Jags?
You may have seen the team on a poster
On a bus or maybe a Wal-Mart bag
They’ve had ups and downs like a rollercoaster

The Jaguars have gone twelve and four
And that by far was the Jags’ best season
But the Jags have not been able to roar
As well as they did for some odd reason

David Garrad is the Jags’ quarterback
And the running back is Maurice Jones-Drew
They’ve worked hard to get the Jaguars on track
To the Play-offs and the Super Bowl too

People are saying they’re moving away
Jacksonville is where they’re going to stay
Mixed Emotions Shakira Edwards
Inside. Wind blowing, maybe a tornado
Fire coming out the sky; Silence everywhere.
What’s going on? Not a soul will ever know
Too much commotion for anyone to bear.

Outside. Beautiful as ever too, with her looks,
Her walk is unique and she turn heads instantly
Acts like a goddess in the morning, even with her books
She has already been accused of being ill mentally.

However, she constantly stands on the edge in her head
As if a volcano is rumbling ready to explode
Scared to jump, and sometimes seems as if she is dead
So she packs up and gets ready to hit the empty road.

She always can be very deadly to many without warning
Other times she can be caring and many times mourning.

Nemo Gajic
I wake up and see a tiny red ant,
Not as long as a snail on the tier
It is crawling on its path near the lamp.
Unaware that another being could be so near.

Without thinking I crush it against my bony finger
Without a sound I end its life.
Its essence, for what its worth to me, no longer lingers
No damage or feeling on my skin, I just wipe.

I think how lucky I am not to be bound by the actions of gods,
Not to have my future predetermined by forces beyond me.
Then, after seconds of consideration, I have caught on,
The murder of a small, aspiring life could have been me

Then I think, what have I done?
What have I become?
Summer is near
It's that time of year that I most often dread
In which times with friends will soon be missed
And your future will now be in your head;
The times of the past will now be hissed.

The school will be empty like a night sky;
The malls will eventually sound like a squall;
And fun times with friends will quickly pass by
But the empty school still wont open till fall.

But memories from the past shall not fade
But Rather stay with you each and every day
And serve as a reminder of the past grade;
This break won't be sad but filled with great play.

The fun times in the classroom will soon be ceased
But joys of the summer can now be seized.

--Darius Holliday

The Solider Revised
Peyton Hull
I have seen more terror than anyone
The image of blood still haunts every dream
The sight of killing all but with my gun
And yet I still hear the enemy scream

Even though they say that this war was a win
I still feel as though I have lost inside
As though innocence is lost deep within
And all of my brave brothers that have died

I still can taste the dirt the blood the sweat
I still can feel the bullets flying past
All of these things I wish I could forget
The ill terror I wish could be surpassed

Yet I would never change my early years
For the honor is greater than the fears

tar heel football sonnet Frank Lane
Oh to North Carolinas football year
Perhaps the best I have seen in the near
Onward the tarheels will play to the end
All the way to the outskirts and the bend
Started out three and o and that was fine
And Coach Butch Davis could go out and dine
But tough defeats hurt the team mind-game
But such play-makers can lead them to fame
Kendric Burney can score the touchdowns
While Marvin Austin can take the crowns
While they beat some of the leagues very best
They have to improve to earn their vest
I know they can win on everyday if they try
Because they have bigger fish to fry.
That Night Ethan Petrey
That night was a night like no other night.
My form was perfect and my arm felt good.
It felt like we would win this hard fought fight.
Everyone in the bleachers thought we should.
If we won this game, it would be very nice.
We had defeated the others by many runs.
We had defeated this team more than thrice.
Our team scared them because we had some guns.
My arm was feeling so good that evening.
My coach asked me if I could still throw hard.
I said "Just leave me to the defeating."
And when I came to the plate I went yard.
In the end the others were the losers.
My team proved that we were not the posers.
My MiSTaKe Kyle McClelland
O, Sun how do you shine so bright in the sky?
How do you stay so happy for so long
Your dedication makes me want to cry
I wish I was nice but it went all wrong
I did not listen to what my friend said
He said do not panic just get it and go
Now I’m here and would much rather be dead
After that terrible mistake I know
That I’m stuck behind these bars for my life
In this horrible place they call the cell
I will never see my friends or my wife
The only place I go from here is hell
Here he comes I’m going to the chair
And my life ends at this, this is not fair
Love Thorns Jordan Mitchell
Those days, oh how I do remember thee!
The hours senselessly wasted with you
only proved how sharp a rose thorn can be
"The sting won't last" I knew that wasn't true.

The dance we preformed had confusing steps
and I was always half a second off.
Concerned with the show and not with its depths,
I look back and all I can do is scoff.

My Mum would say "If you nurture the shrub
a flower will grow" We nurtured a weed
and have zilch to show, we both felt the snub.
Neither could give what the other did need.

Our love was the push that pulled us apart,
it was over before it had its start.
Sonnet Kabriel Moorhead

When the wind has made its final blow,
And through the world the 7 wonders are seen,
And when to the top, its my time to go,
Will the world be able to remember me?
Because the nights and through all my days,
Memories are jotted down, like a book.
Would you ever leave me lost and turn the page?
Of great stories and notes I so well took?
Because given the moment, if I could,
Watch a friend rise up to a great glory,
I would do exactly what anybody nice should,
And make sure greatness stayed in the story.
So even with the fun and games I do play,
Can you be loyal, by my side, if you may?

Christelle Abrencia

I tried to write a sonnet about how
Good it is to be in love and let it
Soar like a dove in our hearts and make vows
To never leave and never hurt and sit
In another's company to hold on
To their soul like a hand in glove. But then
The words could not come until it was dawn
And I realized that love is not when
You are happy and content with your life,
But instead it haunts and lingers in your
Heart as a cure for sadness, cuts like a knife,
And shines hope in the dark as your tears pour
Out like rain in a paper cup and breathes
Life into our souls and drives out our fears.