Recommended SAT Prep Books – by Steve Baba, Ph.D.
While some books are slightly better than others, I have found that none were exceptional. Kaplan certainly knows what Princeton Review is doing and vice versa. Books from other companies generally contain similar advice and are only differentiated by jokes, writing style, and graphics.
I have found that Princeton Review’s book is slightly better for low scoring students because it simplifies every solution. I have found that Kaplan’s book is slightly better for high scoring students because it does not (over) simplify every solution.
The book The Official SAT Study Guide provides real SAT tests, which are ideal for practicing and becoming more confident with the test. But do not use this book alone. Using The Official SAT Study Guide alone is like learning how to swim by jumping into the deep end of the pool. To maximize your SAT score, you need to both practice and learn from experts.
While SAT preparation books generally contains similar advice, longer books obviously contain more information. While learning 200 SAT words is useful, learning 2000 words is better. Ditto for math problems. Don’t waste your time looking for a nonexistent easy way to beat the SAT – Study!
Some other useful books:
Cliffs (Notes) Math Review for Standardized Tests - a review of basic math, algebra & geometry
Reading Comprehension Success - basic critical reading help

Vocabulary-building audio cassettes or CDs can be used while driving or performing other tasks:
Word Smart I - Word Smart II - Genius Edition - Wordplay - Wordbuilders
A 24-hour course: 1-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (abridged).