*Using the Style of Beowulf as a Model*

Students chose some contest or athletic event to write about in the style of Beowulf,

with compound words, alliteration, and strongly accented lines.

Click on the links below to read the student's poems and hear them reading their original poetry: Using the Style of Beowulf as a Model.

Marching Band

Horns held high, they marched forward.Their hard work was apparent in their precisionEach step struck the ground simultaneouslyEach individual moved synchronically,creating a union of one.

(Click below to hear Alexandra read the rest of her poem.)


Under pressure,pursuing the white-printed sphereFearlessly following the ever-fluctuating directionPerusing the scarcely-lit skyfor the scarlet-striped ball
Then it drops,
stimulating the end of the exhilarating ride
(Click below to hear Ricky read the rest of his poem.)

Using the Style of Beowulf as a Model

Sweat dripping down their faces,The wearied warriors,Walk up to the line of defense.The shrill sound,
From a warrior's whistle,
Begins the fight for victory.

(Click below to hear Shelby read the rest of her poem.)
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