Family Life

By: Heather Overstreet
Classes of Society
Æðelings- Kings and princes (royalty) they lived in the inner walls of the village.
Eoldermen- nobility Lived in the outer ring after the royalty
Ðegn- a thane (middle class) lived in the ring outside of the nobility.
Ceorls- peasants and freemen and laborers lived outside the walls of the city and work in the city and lucky enough to live in the city walls.

Map of Anglo-Saxon

Games of Anglo-Saxon Villages
Dice Games
made of antler (also can have weights put in so that the person wins and is cheating)
Board Games
made of antler, amber, bone, glass, clay, stone (played at home by the men and sons)
Hnefatafl (nef-tal)(Kings Table)
Known as the Game of Soldiers
These games were played by men and their sons for enjoyment and sometimes skill like our modern chess. They also bet on who would do better to earn a little “cash” in their games.

Fauna in Anglo-Saxon Villages
The animals that were kept domestically were much the same as today, sheep, pigs, cattle, goats and horses.
Geese were kept for their eggs and meat; Hares were small game that probably helped to supplement their diet and was very hard to catch.

Flora in Anglo-Saxon Villages
Trees-such as hazel, oak, ash, beech were used to build the things needed for daily life.
Oak-for buildings, furniture and ships.
Ash and field maple and alder used by the turner were to make bowls, cups and spoons.

Ash-for spear shafts
Linden-for shields
Elm, ash and yew- for bows which were used for hunting and sometimes in a war.
Timber was used for building the houses and ships.

Anglo-Saxon Apparel
Women and their daughters made the clothes and colored them. Each man and his sons had war appeal and daily life appeal and village meet appeal as well to designate their status in the village.
Apples- mostly for eating and juice and red from the skin.
Woad- produces blue dye
Bilberries and Madder produces red, browns and oranges.
The women used these colors to create dignified outfits for their family to wear and to be identified by their class.

Anglo-Saxon Prayer
Thu ure fæther, the eart on heofonum, sy thin nama gehalgod.
Cume thin rice, Sy thin wylla on eorthan swaswa on heofonum.
Syle us todæg urne daeghwamlican hlaf.
And forgyf us ure gyltas swaswa we forgyfath thampe with us agyltath.
And ne lae thu na us on costnunge, ac alys us fram yfele

Prayer in Modern English
Thu our father, thee art on heavenum, say thine nama holyod.
Come thine rich, say thine will on earth swas-wa on heavenum.
Sell us today ourne day-wham-lick hloaf.
And forgive us our guiltas swas-wa we forgiv-ath themp with us a-guilt-ath.
And no lee thu us on costnun-ya, ash all-lees us from evil. (the lords prayer)

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